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What To Wear For Your Job Interview

What you wear for your interview will say something about you. From vital first impressions to giving clues about you as a person, your inte…


It’s 33 degrees outside and you look like a cross between Indiana Jones and Dog the Bounty Hunter. You feel cool in shorts, a casual, Hawaii- style shirt and flip flops. Only problem is… An important job interview is a few hours away. Should you make the effort and dress to impress? When it comes to deciding what to wear for your interview, the answer should always be ‘Yes!’.

You could be meeting a hiring manager in person or planning to complete a video interview at home.  What you wear for your interview will say something about you. From vital first impressions to giving clues about you as a person, your interview clothes count.

Shortlist.Me, the UK’s leading independent interview technique training platform. It has some great advice for job applicants. Follow the top Shortlist.Me tips below to ensure you dress to impress.


Look confident, feel confident in interview clothes

If your clothing reflects your determination to get a job, it will boost your confidence. Not having to worry about your appearance, because you have made an effort, is one less thing to fret about. The link between feeling good about yourself and how you come across to others is a proven science. It’s true what they say: if you look good, you feel good.


If you are not sure what makes you feel both smart and comfortable, try on different outfits. Compare how they look and feel. Choose the clothes that tick both boxes. Don’t be tempted to sit down for a video interview in a casual T-shirt and sun hat. It won’t do you any favours. It will just tell hiring managers that you made no effort to impress them. Do you really want that job?


Be smart, look smart for your interview

Interview clothes should always be smarter than the ones you would normally wear for work. Think suits, muted or neutral colours and smart shoes. Make sure interview clothes are clean and pressed. Plan ahead to avoid a creased or rushed look. Make sure your clothes reflect the standards of the hiring company.

Avoid jeans, bold outfits and casual or dirty shoes. Keep any make-up to a minimum and ensure it is natural-looking. While it is perfectly acceptable to add a touch of personality to your wardrobe, be measured in your approach. Make sure any jewellery, for example, complements an outfit. That huge, bright red feather brooch your granny gave you for Christmas may not be a lucky charm. By carefully coordinating an outfit, you will avoid clashes that will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.


What could possibly go wrong?

So, you have found the perfect interview outfit. You look great and can’t wait for the interview to start. The only problem is… The interview isn’t for another hour and you are starving. There’s a pub nearby and you fancy a pie and a pint. Should you quench your thirst and feed those hunger pangs? No!

If you have an interview lined up, never drink alcohol beforehand. Also, avoid large meals. Spilling a drink or dropping food on your outfit will ruin your look and knock your confidence. Instead, have a bottle of water with you and take occasional sips until it’s time for the interview. You can stuff your face and down a pint afterwards.


Go get your dream job

Knowing what to wear for your interview will take you one step closer to your dream job. Choose clothes that meet the expectations of hiring managers and make you feel great. It will boost your confidence and impress employers.


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