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Are You REALLY Ready for a Video Interview?

If you are inclined to think a video interview is not as important as an in-person meeting, think again.

How important is it to be ready?

If you are inclined to think a video interview is not as important as an in-person meeting, think again. Employers and hiring managers place a high value on video interviews. If you fail to impress at this vital stage of the hiring process, you will be out of the race. So, do you really want that job?

Video interviews are important. This is because they are proven to be a strong predictor of job success. Around 60% of tech companies use them and almost half of student employers. Graduate employers are strong advocates of video interviews and you need to be prepared to impress. Making sure you perform well at this crucial stage of the recruitment journey is pivotal. It is the only way to secure an in-person interview or assessment.

Practice makes perfect

Because all eyes will, quite literally, be on you during a video interview, you need to ensure that you are familiar with the process. Knowing what is expected of you and how the technology works will help you combat nerves. It will boost your chances of giving confident, well-considered responses.

Shortlist.Me helps you hone your video interview skills in private. It introduces you to the same technology hiring managers use. As well as giving you the opportunity to practice answering top interview questions for your chosen sector, this invaluable coaching aid also delivers expert feedback.

How can Shortlist.Me help?

During a video interview, you will be presented with a succession of questions. Typically you will be asked to respond to between five and seven of them. Most of these questions will be competency or strengths based. Practice how to answer them in the time limit given with Shortlist.Me. Learn how to make the most of the pauses between questions. These skills will help you feel more relaxed and give coherent, thoughtful answers. Get it right and you will demonstrate what you have got to offer.

Shortlist.Me prepares you for a remote interview that isn’t live but is time controlled. It helps you develop strategies to use time wisely and answer questions without any ques. Remember, you will only have one chance to impress during a video interview.

Learn how to deliver a succinct video interview performance

In a video interview, there is no opportunity to deviate from the question asked. You need to give a succinct answer to each question in the time allowed. Not only that, you will need to consider how your answers comes across. Shortlist.Me helps you manage important factors such as:

Setting up/getting prepared
Body language
Background environment

It ensures you properly prepare for your video interview. Shortlist.Me equips you with the knowledge to select the right location/environment for your video interview. It teaches you how to choose the right time as well as place and avoid potentially embarrassing interruptions.

What happens after a video interview?

Video interviews take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You are unlikely to be able to review your answers before they are seen by the hiring team. This makes preparation vital. With hundreds of applicants chasing every graduate job and dozens vying for low skilled roles, competition is tough.

Make your video interview a stepping stone to success. Prepare today with Shortlist.Me.