Sales Interview

This practice sales interview is appropriate for applicants to graduate schemes, internships and other entry level positions in the Sales discipline.

This practice sales interview is appropriate for applicants to graduate schemes, internships and other entry-level positions in the Sales discipline.

It contains sales interview questions designed to assess the areas of persuasive communication, resilience, building relationships with customers, delivering results, planning and organising and drive and motivation.


Why should I take a Shortlist.Me interview?

Here are 5 great reasons why you should take this practice sales interview as part of your interview preparation:

  1. It familiarises you with sales interview questions asked by interviewers in real interviews for this role.
  2. It gives you expert guidance and interview tips on how to answer those interview questions.
  3. It adds to your interview experience.
  4. It shows you how you perform under interview conditions from the point of view of your interviewer.
  5. It allows you to practice interviewing without anyone else watching.


What does a Shortlist.Me interview involve?

In a Shortlist.Me interview you are asked a series of questions. You’ll get a short time to think about each question and then your device will record your answer.

When you’re done answering a question you’ll watch your answer back and receive coaching on what the interviewer would be looking for in your answer – if you’re not happy with your first attempt you can keep trying until you’re ready to move on to the next question!

How do I take a Shortlist.Me interview?

Enter your name and email address into the form above. You will receive an email with the link to your interview in it – click the big red button to enter the interview lobby.

The interview duration will vary depending on how many times you retry your questions – however this interview is 5 questions long with a maximum answer time of 2 minutes per question.

Will anyone ever see my Shortlist.Me interview?

No – your Shortlist.Me interview will not be available to anyone and will not be used for any purpose other than to help you prepare for your interview.